Make your goals SMART

There is a pretty SMART way of setting your goals. This also helps you to get a little closer to achieving your goals. The formulation of your goals should already follow certain rules. We’re not making this too scientific here, we just mention what you should pay attention to when formulating your goals so that your goals remain specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and timely (SMART).


When formulating it, make sure that you write down exactly what you want to achieve and who will be involved in achieving it. Unclearly formulated goals will not get you anywhere here.


Make sure that you state exactly when the goal will be achieved: Earn X euros more, new job with Y euro’s annual salary or Z kilograms. You should have something that will help you know that this goal has now been achieved.


Is your goal motivating for you? Make sure that the goal is formulated as positively as possible and that it is not torture for you. Therefore, formulate your goal as positively as possible and beneficial for you!


Make it clear to yourself whether the goal is really achievable for you with your knowledge and possibilities. Make sure that you formulate your goals as realistically as possible. It is better to set small goals first and achieve them earlier than you thought. Then the result is positive for you and you can set a new goal.


Make an appointment! By when do you want to achieve this goal? You should always have a date by which you want to achieve the goal. It can also be a recurring goal, like meeting friends on a regular basis. This can also be achieved several times a week.

Now you know how the goals should be written down. Therefore, you should now fill your three areas of life with SMART goals.

To do:

Now take your sheet of paper again with your goals. Now take a new sheet of paper and formulate it SMART and in full sentences. Here are some examples of what such goals can look like:

For a better company performance and more profits from new customer business, the sales team will acquire Y new customers in the next X months with the help of additional trade fair visits and telephone acquisition. Each employee will contact at least Z new companies per month and win one of them as a new customer.

For a better attitude towards life and better fitness, I will reduce my weight from 100 to 90 kilograms in the next 10 months through a balanced diet and exercise. From now on I only shop healthy and go to sport 3 times a week. I lose 1 kilogram per month.


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