What are the Job Descriptions or Tasks of an IT project manager?

Following are the major categories under which an IT manager operates.

  • Planning, organization and implementation of IT projects
  • Incorporate business goals into planning
  • Assessment of the hardware and software requirements
  • Coordination of employees and departments with regard to the planning of IT projects

The other activities of an IT project manager or a system engineer are the distribution of tasks to employees in IT for setting systems on servers, managing servers, administering storage systems, network monitoring and planning, and managing user rights for employees.

In addition, as an IT project manager, you assess the hardware and software requirements in a company and make adjustments. Even if problems and malfunctions can arise in systems, IT project managers are expected to act quickly.

In addition to the technical activities in the IT area, the tasks of coordinating employees and departments are also included in the planning. As an IT project manager, you are the company’s internal contact for questions about IT projects and also responsible for the essentials in complex projects. The field of responsibility of an IT project manager is very interesting and varied, but also very challenging and responsible.

During the training to become an IT project manager, the topic of big data is a trend in information technology. The term big data refers to large amounts of data, for example from the areas of the Internet, industry, healthcare, mobile communications or traffic, which are stored and evaluated by various sources. Through these analyzes, IT projects can be made more sustainable and successes can be achieved. IT project managers work very closely there with a business analyst to primarily design and define the success of a project.

How much does an IT project manager earn?

Even with the starting salary, IT project managers can count on an above-average salary. There are several factors, such as work experience, studies or responsibility in the company, that influence the salary of an IT project manager. The average starting salary is around 42,000 EUR – 60,000 EUR annually.

In principle, however, the larger the company, the higher the earnings. Because the job of an IT project manager is generally very responsible and new tasks are constantly being added, this profession is becoming more and more important for companies, especially for larger companies and corporations, and salary jumps are therefore also possible in the shortest possible time.

The perspectives and the possibilities are accordingly very high, because in recent years there has been an agile development in this professional field. As an IT project manager, you have a very conscientious and challenging position in a very broad field of activity, which is why the job of IT project manager is very well paid.

How do I apply as an IT project manager?

In addition to technical skills, the management skills that you should have in order to make a good project manager are very important for the application as an IT project manager. That is why it is an important criterion for many employers if one has already gained practical experience in the field of personnel management in information technology.

In general, the more experience you have already gained in the field of project management, the more authoritative you are towards decisions made in the company. For many companies this is a big plus when hiring a new employee.

Social skills also play a major role when hiring a new employee, so your social skills should also be reflected in your application. These are desirable advantages in the job of IT project manager in the eyes of your future employer, because practical experience is one of the most important hiring criteria.



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