What are the job requirements and tasks of a Sales Manager?

  • Customer advice and personnel management
  • Selling products and services
  • Development of sales strategies
  • Product training for employees
  • Results control
  • Interface for external service providers
Coordination of the goals with management and internal departments

In addition to the main task of bringing the products and services to the customer, it is of course not done. The sales manager puts together an optimal sales team of sales managers and has to ensure that a productive work environment is created with training sessions and regular feedback meetings.

One of the tasks of the sales manager is to provide information about the current range of products and services, to teach sales techniques and to motivate employees. Furthermore, the sales manager also acts as an interface to the management and is responsible for formulating the goals of his department.

The individual tasks and steps will be explained to you in more detail during the training, and thanks to the practical experience you can consolidate them.

Not only are new sales concepts developed, but guidelines are also defined and prepared accordingly for monitoring results. In addition to internal communication between the departments, there is also a requirement to communicate with external service providers.

How much does a sales manager earn?

As a manager in sales, the salary increases with the responsibility. For the sales manager or sales director, after two to five years of professional experience, this is already a proud EUR 4,600 per month and can double as much with increasing professional experience.

However, this information varies greatly depending on the size of the company and the location, and personal skills or professional experience are also a decisive factor influencing remuneration.

Medium-sized companies in particular are desperately looking for a good sales manager and offer quick entry into responsible positions. Since the job of sales manager is industry-independent, everything is possible from the pharmaceutical industry to telecommunications.

The perspective as a sales manager or senior sales manager, especially in small and medium-sized companies, often lays the foundation for a position in management. This is due to the fact that a good sales manager must be able to make important decisions and contribute significantly to business development with the internal adaptation of the products to customer requirements.

How do I apply to be a sales manager?

As a sales manager, you have to be able to convince with both your specialist knowledge and your skills in order to take on the leading position of sales manager. On the one hand, it is important to be able to fully identify with the company and the products and services offered. This is the only way to motivate yourself and your team to achieve high goals in everyday life.

In addition to the technical competence, which should be emphasized in the cover letter , the soft skills play a decisive role. A sales manager must convince both the customer in various presentations and his sales staff. He achieves this not only with successful sales deals, but mainly with communication skills and lightning-quick comprehension.

Those who understand what the customer needs at the moment and are the first to react can score points in sales. This ability naturally increases with experience and is another prerequisite for advancement to sales manager. Now it is also important to be responsible for the sales team and to prepare, manage and motivate them as best as possible for the tasks.

Tips for applying to become a sales manager after training:

If you have already set priorities in your academic training to become a sales manager and have concentrated on very specific tasks, then place a special focus on this in your application. In the application, concentrate on what suits you and the training content that you would like to continue to deepen later.


Also known as a sales director, a sales manager is responsible for his company’s sales figures. We have summarized the important facts about the job for you:

  • The sales manager always tries to bring the products and services to the customer as profitably as possible. In addition to these sales tasks, he also heads the team and is responsible for marketing and trade fair activities.
  • Suitable courses of study can be found in the areas of business administration or economics. However, a degree is not absolutely necessary. Work experience is much more important.
  • Personnel management skills, negotiation skills and communication skills are a must, team and presentation skills as well as foreign language skills are also helpful skills.
  • On average, there are 10-20 applicants for a sales manager position.
  • Depending on the company, professional experience and skills, the salary range of a sales manager ranges between EUR 48,000 and EUR 108,000 per year.


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