What does a content manager do?

A content manager is responsible for the design and coordination of the company’s online presence. What is a content manager and which skills and competencies are necessary to be successful as a content manager in the job? ALPHAJUMP will tell you. What is a content manager? The content manager plans, coordinates and designs online content for companies. This relatively new occupation has arisen due to the importance of the online presence of companies and is spreading to various new media such as the blog, wikis and online magazines. Thanks to the digital transformation, systems with artificial intelligence are now able to read and evaluate this content, so that the job of content manager is always in great demand.

Definition of “content manager”

The job description of the content manager is a relatively newly defined term and arose due to the digital transformation. The content manager is responsible for the creation, strategic planning of all online content and implementation in a content management system (CMS).

In most cases, the content manager also works closely with online marketing or social media marketing in order to adapt the content accordingly. Since the content manager stands between the marketing and sales departments and the management, it is important to keep track of things. This is mostly done through the use of Content , CMS for short.

Precisely because the name is still so new, it also includes other professions such as media designers or technicians, online editors, website administrators, online clerks and web content managers.

What prerequisites and skills are necessary for working as a content manager?

As a content manager, it means to keep track of the topics, so that a certain organizational talent must be given. The fast-moving topics of the Internet must also be presented in an appealing way so that they are of interest to the reader. In addition to excellent communication skills, this also requires extensive specialist knowledge of the opportunities and challenges of using the Internet.

Training as a content manager:

Since direct training as a content manager has not yet existed, a detour via studies in media management, communication studies or journalism and journalism as well as public relations is usually necessary. Training as a media specialist can also form the decisive basis for the profession. In these specialist areas in particular, the content manager can already gather editorial experience that is advantageous for creating the content.

It is important that these go hand in hand with the skills of (online) marketing and sales and that the basics of Internet technology are in place, as programming activities sometimes have to be taken over.

Competencies Must:

Expertise in the online area

Excellent computer skills

Programming skills

Dealing with CMS

Competencies Can:

Communication skills

skillful writing style

Organizational skills

customer focus


What are the tasks of a content manager?

Since a content manager is responsible for the entire website of a company, the area of ​​responsibility is also widely spread. So it is first of all to plan the appearance in terms of content and topic and to put the content together accordingly. The best way to do this is taught in detail during the training. Only then does the actual generation of the content take place, i.e. the creation of the texts and subject content.

How much does a content manager earn?

The salary of a content manager, like the job title, can still vary greatly due to the degree of novelty, but for a junior content manager it levels off between EUR 30,000 and EUR 40,000 per year. As a senior content manager, these values ​​increase with increasing personal responsibility.

In specialist magazines for web professionals and the digital economy, the new job of content manager is also hotly debated due to the increased use of new media, which makes it much easier for junior content managers to get started. More and more blogs and online magazines are published each week, so there is a lack of professionals who create the content.

How do I apply to be a content manager?

In order to apply as a content manager, you have to have a lot of skills that you need to demonstrate in your application. A feeling for trends and creativity is a basic requirement in order to create a lot of appealing online content per week. Content managers have often already made their first experiences with online magazines or their own blogs, which will benefit you in your application.


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