What does a sales manager do?

Profession as sales manager – working in sales

What is a sales manager? The sales manager assumes responsibility for all sales activities of a company. As the interface between the management and the sales staff, the main task is to ensure the fulfillment of the sales goals by creating sales strategies and setting up an appropriate team based on qualifications.

Definition of “sales manager”

A sales manager, also known as a sales director, is responsible for the company’s sales figures. The main task here is to bring the products and services to the customer as profitably as possible. Additional functions such as responsible marketing and trade fair activities could also be part of the range of tasks.

In addition to managing the sales department, they often also take care of the company’s key and major customers and are therefore also actively involved in sales. As an interface to the management, the sales manager creates sales strategies that correspond to the current corporate goals and is jointly responsible for meeting the key figures. The fulfillment of this requires not only a high level of employee motivation, but also outstanding communication skills combined with competencies in leadership psychology.

What prerequisites and skills are necessary for working as a sales manager?

The job of sales manager is demanding. The main goal is to achieve the highest possible sales of products and services and to achieve this, the sales manager must have analytical skills to understand customer behavior and later implement it in a corresponding sales strategy.

Not only is a well-founded knowledge of the product range and the corresponding technical know-how an advantage, but also the ability to react to changes and to make an attractive offer. The technical competencies should also be based on appropriate sales models in order to give the customer and of course your own employees a professional impression. Because the sales manager acts as a role model in his management position and has the task of putting together, training and, of course, motivating his team in accordance with the qualifications.

This is where the sales manager’s communication and presentation skills are particularly required, in particular by demonstrating persuasiveness and perseverance. The topics should be prepared in an interesting way so that terms such as storytelling or infotainment have long been part of the repertoire.

The performance quality must also correspond to the current company and sales goals and thus the sales manager is responsible for comparing the opportunities and risks and steering the team accordingly. While the company-specific skills relating to the products can be easily acquired during the job, personal skills such as a steering leadership style and communication skills should be brought along from the start.

Training to become a sales manager:

The prerequisite for being able to work in the job of sales manager is a certain amount of professional experience in sales. Sales managers have usually already worked as junior sales managers and / or senior sales managers. Academic training is not a mandatory requirement for entry into sales, but most sales managers have a university or technical college degree in an economic field.

What are the tasks of a sales manager?

The tasks of a sales manager are demanding and go far beyond those of the sales manager. You should be aware that this profession is very labor-intensive and is not only characterized by high pressure from the success goals, but also requires a high willingness to travel. Thus, the beloved work-life balance with an average hourly week of over 45 hours is usually not given.



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