Recognize the most important goals

Now recognize your really most important goals! According to the Pareto principle, only about 20% of your completed tasks bring you about 80% of the success. The challenge for you is to increase this 20% now. Now search and mark the goals that would bring you your 80% further.

To do:

Mark the 80% benefit goals in your list and thus make them stand out from the others. Make sure that you are still proceeding according to your convictions and keep thinking about the first exercise we did to show you the really important things in your life.

Break your goals down into small bites

How do you eat an elephant? Right! Bit by bit! You too should break down your goals into small milestones and to-dos. How should the goal be achieved? Which steps are necessary for this? You should sketch all this on a piece of paper. But as usual: Be realistic about what you can do at the same time. If you come under pressure afterwards, you lose the fun of your goals. And that shouldn’t happen under any circumstances.

To do:

Now take a piece of paper for each important goal and write down the steps in which you want to achieve this. Use either a kind of to-do list or a timeline. What do you have to do to achieve this one goal? When do you have to carry out the individual actions? Now you can get an idea of ​​what is holding you back from achieving your goals and how long it will take you to achieve them.

Create a to-do list or use an app:

Now you can perfectly time your to-dos. Take a to-do list to hand or simply use an app. For both, here are some links to top apps and our print templates that will help you out.


Wunderlist: Simpler to-do lists on all devices. Really great for smaller goals.
Asana: More comprehensive tool that can also be used to achieve slightly more complex goals.

Check yourself regularly

It’s really easy to get started. You are motivated, you have your goals in front of you and you can also see how these can be achieved. Yet it is perseverance that really sets us apart. Many of the tasks are uncomfortable and we have to leave our comfort zone for them. That’s why we recommend that you celebrate each of your completed ToDos! Praise yourself for it! You did it really well and now continue!

To get to the end safely, you can also commit yourself. Talk to several people about what you want to achieve and when. Talk about how great it is and what you’ve done so far. They will then motivate you to achieve your goals.

For control purposes, take a look at the goals you have set and go through your milestones again. What did you achieve Did you set the time periods realistically back then? Adjust your goals a little if the reality should be a little different than you thought a few months ago.

Let’s formulate your goals!

We are always happy to receive feedback in our comments. But let us also participate in your goals! What would you like to achieve? When? How?

Write us a comment and formulate your goal! If you are not sure, we will help you formulate your goal SMART. We can also give tips on how to achieve this. So go ahead, dare! You also help others with it!



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