How to Become a Good Boss.


The goal of every boss is to guide the team in every possible way. When the boss does a good job, the employees will do the same. Whether you are a novice owner or not, learn some strategies used by the best employers to build a more productive, positive, and pleasant work environment for everyone.


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Elizabeth Douglas, CEO of WikiHow, advises: Listening to your employees will help you better understand their needs and how you can help them. I would say that the basic attitude of a good boss is to be present when employees need help and enable them to carry out their activities.

Please comment. The best employers keep employees well informed. They need to know if you are happy with the service they are providing. For this, there is no need to make a formal diagnosis. Only add comments to conversations and everyday activities. Make positive comments after introducing subordinates in a meeting or just walking into the halls. Meet them individually for a few minutes a week, in which they comment on projects they have entered.


Talk to anyone waiting for comments or a quick response. Even if you don’t have a definitive answer yet, meet with the employee and keep them up to date on any news related to the matter. That way, he wouldn’t run into the problem of misinterpreting his silence and imagining, that something is out of control.

If he suspects something is wrong (because of his silence), he spreads rumors around the workplace and destabilizes the team. To communicate effectively, I am inspired by the following sentence: “I just wanted to update you on the topic you raised. I’m still researching the details and I must have a definite answer by the end of the week.

Only make constructive criticisms in private. Never criticize or punish an employee in front of others. Although it seems that this kind of attitude serves as a lesson to others, it can actually create negativity and tension in the team, which will lead to the fear of humiliating the public. Therefore, always prefer to meet in private to criticize.

Reply to emails with the utmost care. Read all emails and send receipts. Don’t respond with contempt just by typing “thank you” or “got it”. Choose to recognize and value the time spent writing the email. For example, the answer: “Thank you for letting me know that the deadline has been changed. Congratulations on your effort and congratulations on your work.”

Demonstrating Attitude:

Ask for help when you need it. Many owners think they know everything and will never need help, but there is nothing wrong with helping. On the contrary, employees will understand your behavior as a sign of strength, because you are not afraid to admit that you do not know everything. For example, say: “I’m thinking a lot about the best way to solve the problem and I’m ready for suggestions. If you have ideas, my office today between 2 am and 5 pm.” I’m leaving to talk.

Setting Professional Boundaries:

Don’t socialize with subordinates as if you were their partner. The boss needs to know how to differentiate himself from other employees. Lunch or going out together is not forbidden, however, professionalism must be maintained at all times. If they see you as a simple co-worker, you will lose your authority.


At least appreciate whenever you criticize. There is no need to make false compliments, in fact, to see what is better in each. When you observe good work and take time to celebrate each other’s professional achievements, speak verbally. To strengthen the atmosphere of companionship and create an atmosphere of success, always praise the employees individually and in front of everyone.


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