How to Get a Job in Dubai?

It was the second day in Dubai that I got the first interview call. The company needed an accounts manager. I was traveling on the subway when I got the call. I asked, “Where is the company’s office?” So I was told to send you the location map. I did not have the internet on my mobile. So I called my brother Aziz Ahmed whose office was in Al Barsha. He opened my e-mail at the office and pulled out a location map and told me that the company office is in the Alcoz Industrial Area, and a short distance from my office, so I’ll drop you off there. I took the subway to the Mall of Emirates station, from where my brother drove me to the company office.

How Can You Get A Good Job In Dubai?

After hearing about the salary in Dubai and the colors and dirhams there, every servant wants to reach Dubai as soon as possible and start earning millions of rupees. But in reality, it’s not all that easy.

Many people spend all their savings in the same greed and are blackmailed by agents. If you have to go to Dubai for an office job, never fall into the hands of Asian agents. Get a one-month or three-month visit visa and go to Dubai yourself to find a job. Can you tell us a solution so that we can get a work visa in Asia? So it is not possible for a country like Dubai. Whatever the agent will tell you, it will all be a lie and most of the agents will give a visit visa to Asians and say that it is a job visa and also take four or five lakh rupees. When he arrives in Dubai, he finds out that this is a visitor’s visa and you have to find a job right now.

Do most people say that if we don’t get a job even after visiting, then what will we do?

The way agents in Asia cheat people. Similarly, during my stay in Dubai, I often received calls from agents asking you to give us two hundred dirhams or three hundred dirhams and we would get your job done. When you pay them, they interview you in one or two companies. Where their own people are sitting and then you wait for your call letter, which never comes. Almost all companies in Dubai do not hire you without a direct interview. If you have applied in Asia and you have a Asia number on your CV then they will never contact you. If a company is offering you a job at home, remember that the company is fake and sooner or later it will demand money from you and when you send money, there will be no response.

Methods to Apply in Dubai Companies:

If you plan to work in Dubai, always go there and find a job yourself. Of course, about ten to fifteen days before your flight, you start applying for various jobs through the Internet. You should also give Dubai a number on your CV. You can get this number from a loved one or friend who is already based in Dubai or you can also get it from your agent, from whom you have obtained your visit visa. The advantage of applying in advance is that you will not have to wait long for calls to arrive in Dubai. Whenever you apply online, the turn of your application usually comes after ten to twelve days. Because millions of people are applying. Therefore, it is not possible for the company to contact you immediately. You should start applying in advance to all the online job websites in Dubai.

Apply Online:

Many people also want to go to Dubai and take a lot of prints of their CV and distribute it in all the offices, so it is not possible as the security guards in many companies do not allow you to go ahead and many there are buildings that you can’t enter or use their elevators. So the best solution is to apply online. There you can also pick up a Friday newspaper. It also has a lot of advertisements, even if you email your CV during the morning, your chances of getting a job increase.


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