Learn the Key to Success by Following the 10 Tips to Get To Know the New Boss’s Personality and Office Environment

A few minutes of a job interview in a new place are the moments when the person in front of you is trying to take a closer look at you and find in you that you are interested in his company and his team, will it fit or not?

This is not an impossible task, you just have to do a little review. You can also ask the person in front of you, your boss, some questions during the interview, which will open up their professional personality considerably.

Here we will tell you the tips that will help you choose the right boss.

Not Apologizing To the Boss for Being Late Is a Bad Sign

Many times the interview does not start on time due to the late arrival of the boss. If this happens to you, note whether the boss has apologized to you or not. In addition to apologizing, your prospective boss should also explain the reason for your delay. If not here’s a new product just for you!

 Not a Negative Boss?

Listen carefully to the interviewer and try to figure out if he or she is a negative boss. If he uses “you” over and over again as if to say, “You’re responsible for speeding up the work of the whole team,” or the company’s sales are going down, “You have to bring his graph up,” or success. If you use the word “I” instead of the word “we” when it comes to dhikr, then understand that he is not a person who walks shoulder to shoulder with you in achieving success. In this environment, you will lose your skills.

┬áDon’t Check The Phone, Text Message, and Email?

When talking to the boss, consider that instead of paying full attention to you, he did not bother to check the phone, text message, WhatsApp, and emails. If he is doing this, understand that at no point will he speak properly to his employees.

Ask about the employee who left the job before you.

During the interview, you may ask the boss why the person before you left the job. If this person has been promoted, then this is a good sign for you. If you are told that this person has resigned or been fired. So you have to ask the reason, if he has been fired, you can ask why that person failed to fulfill his responsibility? If the boss becomes uncomfortable with these questions and doesn’t give you a proper answer, then this place is not right for you.

Whether he believes in his employees or not

A bad boss is a sign that he does not rely on his employees. You can ask them the reason, mentioning some of the company’s concerns. If he is blaming others and his teammates for no reason, then understand that this boss will also blame you in a few days.

Excessive Friendly Attitude.

If the boss is being overly friendly during the interview, and trying to persuade you like a child, then understand that there is something black in the lentils.

They Didn’t Start Asking Questions As Soon As They Came

A good boss will introduce you first by shaking hands, before asking a question he will bring you to the “T zone”, he will tell you about the interview, these are the basic AT cats, and As soon as he arrives, he starts burning questions by saying good morning.

Isn’t he talking more than you?

If the interviewer is too fast, you may find yourself speaking repeatedly. It will be very difficult for you to work with such a boss if your answers and sentences are not completed.

Notice the Body Language

If the person in front of you is going to stare at you from head to toe during the interview. Pointing fingers at you, repeatedly looking at your watch, not talking eye to eye. Shaking his head a lot, checking his CV over and over again, in such a case, understand that your boss lacks confidence. Relationships with such a person can not only take you to heights but also endanger “honor”.

If The Atmosphere Changes As Soon As the Boss Arrives

Before the interview begins, take a closer look at the office environment. What is the attitude of the other team members? Seeing the boss coming, are all the employees running towards their seats immediately, or are they greeting the boss by shaking hands or shaking hands from a distance? Do they continue to do what they did before the boss came? By feeling all this, you can understand what is the relationship between the employee and the employer?


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