Recognize the most important goals

Now recognize your really most important goals! According to the Pareto principle, only about 20% of your completed tasks bring you about 80% of the success. The challenge for you is to increase this 20% now. Now search and mark the goals that would bring you your 80% further. To do: Mark the 80% benefit goals in your […]

What does a content manager do?

A content manager is responsible for the design and coordination of the company’s online presence. What is a content manager and which skills and competencies are necessary to be successful as a content manager in the job? ALPHAJUMP will tell you. What is a content manager? The content manager plans, coordinates and designs online content for companies. This relatively […]

What does a sales manager do?

Profession as sales manager – working in sales What is a sales manager? The sales manager assumes responsibility for all sales activities of a company. As the interface between the management and the sales staff, the main task is to ensure the fulfillment of the sales goals by creating sales strategies and setting up an appropriate team […]

What are the job requirements and tasks of a Sales Manager?

Customer advice and personnel management Selling products and services Development of sales strategies Product training for employees Results control Interface for external service providers Coordination of the goals with management and internal departments In addition to the main task of bringing the products and services to the customer, it is of course not done. The sales […]

What are the Job Descriptions or Tasks of an IT project manager?

Following are the major categories under which an IT manager operates. Planning, organization and implementation of IT projects Incorporate business goals into planning Assessment of the hardware and software requirements Coordination of employees and departments with regard to the planning of IT projects The other activities of an IT project manager or a system engineer […]

Make your goals SMART

There is a pretty SMART way of setting your goals. This also helps you to get a little closer to achieving your goals. The formulation of your goals should already follow certain rules. We’re not making this too scientific here, we just mention what you should pay attention to when formulating your goals so that your goals remain specific, measurable, attractive, […]

Set and achieve your goals SMART

This is how you set your goals and then achieve them It is important to always have goals in life. Only in this way can we progress and improve. If you have no goals, you will logically not achieve anything. There are various areas in which you should set goals. For example, you want to find the […]

Correctly plan for daily tasks

One of the most popular time management methods for planning your daily tasks is the ALPEN method. As an abbreviation, it describes the following process in daily task planning: A TASKS write L ength estimate P buffer times (maximum crush 60-80 percent of working) E  decisions prioritize N follow-up check (what has been reached) If you use this method […]